Aiding informal and formal education efforts and life-long learning with engaging connections between aviation, Space, and items of familiar interest.

- Dr. Steven H. Williams


Of Special Interest: R.I.P. Bill Anders; Policy Food for Thought; The Moon and Amaey Shah

New From NASA: Boeing Starliner Launch; HST News; Swarming for Success

Item of the Week: Paul MacCready and the Gossamer Albatross

Aviation: Amazon via Drone; FAA News; R.I.P. Bud Anderson and Dick Rutan

Astronomy: Nova Watch; “Recent” Milky Way Collision; We are Star Stuff; Gliese 12 b

Solar System Exploration: Curiosity at Whitebark Pass; Chang’e 6 News; Mars Under-ice H2O?

Humans in Space: AW Webinar: Momentous Times; Solar Max Repair; 3D-MAT; H-3PO

Citizen Science: NASA CS Hub; Moon Diff; Find Brown Dwarfs, Exoplanets, Nebulae, & Asteroids

Calendar: Key Anniversaries for 2024 Can Help Outreach Efforts

Benefits - Spinoffs: Management Spinoffs; USSF HoF: Ntrifuge CellXpansion

Benefits – Tech Transfer: Xploration; NASA Tech Transfer Mission; OTPS YiR and 2023 Report

Education: Smithsonian Programs; AGU’s Teacher Resource: ENGAGE; NASA Internships