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NASA Aeronautics Monthly STEM Newsletter: See the May newsletter here.

NASA eClips: (I love this name!) The NASA eClips program provides “educators with standards-based videos, activities, and lessons to increase STEM literacy, through the lens of NASA.” They have produced materials for grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Student Productions, and more. So, if you are a teacher, or a care-giver looking to supplement your charges’ learning, or even someone wanting to get up on the latest NASA science, by all means check this program out! See: The eClips website hosts student-produced educational videos created under the Spotlite Design Challenge; for more information about this really cool opportunity, see:! See the latest eClips Newsletter in the Archive: Other Stuff section.

Check out NASA’s Explore Flight “Museum in a Box!” For everyone, especially students in grades 5-12:

Check out the JPL STEM Education website:! It has sections aimed at teachers, K-12 students, college students, and getting an internship at JPL. The “Learn” section has a LOT of really good learning activities for your (grand)children and students, and the “Teach” section has a LOT of resources for K-12 teachers and (grand)parents. Don’t miss the “Events” section, either. The JPL team had done a great job in creating wonderful on-line resource for learning at all levels!

NASA Has a First “A” and the mission directorate concerned with “aeronautics” has a number of teacher and learning resources; see: NOTE: The latest monthly NASA Aeronautics STEM Newsletter is posted on the A+StW website’s “Archive: Other Stuff” page, see here. Sign up to get your own monthly NASA Aeronautics STEM Newsletter here.

NASA STEM Resources

For Teachers:; NASA EXPRESS Newsletter:

For Students: and chat with other students and NASA experts at the NASA STEM Stars page; see:

For the Media:


Join NASA’s Museum and Informal Education Alliance! For more information, see:

NASA has made a major investment in the advancement and promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. You can check out their offerings at See browsing tabs for students and teachers at different grade levels.

STEM for Educators:

The NASA Mars 2020 STEM Toolkit could be a valuable resource for teachers, and for lifelong learners as well. See:

NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement offerings under their NextGen STEM Program:

Small Steps to Giant Leaps:

Commercial Crew Program:

Moon to Mars:

STEM on Station:

NASA Aerospace Education Resources

Join NASA’s Aeronautics for Educators Facebook Page:

Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate Education Resources:

Leveled Readers: 

Museum in a Box: 

NASA Aeronaut-X STEM for Next Gen:

STEM Modules for Aeronautics for K-4:

STEM Module: Quiet(er) Supersonic Flight:

STEM Module: “Seeing” Sound (Educator’s Guide):

STEM Module: X-57 Electric Airplane: 

STEM Module: Advanced Air Mobility: 

Astronomy Teaching Aids for the Visually Impaired: NASA recently released the digital files for 3-D printing of tactile models of the Chandra data of X-Ray universe, see: